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Makarov PM CO2 airsoft ginklas

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PM Pistol Replica

A replica made by KWC that is a loyal copy of one of the most classic Soviet-made pistols. The replica was made mainly from metal, the only polymer elements are the pistol grip linings. Excellent craftsmanship of the parts and their alignment guarantee problem-free and precise operation of the replica.

The replica is equipped with a safety that locks the trigger mechanism and prevents accidental firing. Access to the safety is very simple- the mechanism lever is within the range of a thumb.

The replica is powered by a single CO2 capsule, placed in the magazine with a capacity of up to 13 BBs. The utilization of such power source at high muzzle velocity of almost 400 FPS guarantees the ability to fire a large amount of shot without having to replace the capsule (thanks to the absence of a mobile slide). It is a very economical solution and one that prevents unpleasant surprises in the field.

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- hex key
- test BB package

Case Qty: 12 pcs
Quantity per carton: 12
Weight: 780 g
Magazine type: LiPo
Muzzle velocity: 360 fps
Blowback: no
Magazine capacity: 13 BBs
Material: metal, polymer
Color: black
Length: 160 mm
Muzzle energy: 1.2 J
Fire mode: single
Amunicja: .20g, .23g
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