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Umarex Glock 19 GBB Green Gas Airsoft Pistoletas

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Turime vietoje, pristatymas kurjeriu/paštomatu sekančią darbo dieną.


Kaunas: YRA
Vilnius: YRA

Užsakymai pateikti iki 17h išsiunčiami tą pačią darbo dieną, dažniausiai pristatomi sekančią darbo dieną.
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Glock 19 Pistol Replica

The first on the market, official and licensed replica of a classic pistol by Austrian Glock brand! The pistol, similarly to the live firearm original, features a gearbox frame made of polymer, while the slide, internal barrel and the magazine are made of metal. The slide features licensed markings of the manufacturer. The replica was made and imitates the original with the highest care for details, its realism can surely be appreciated by anyone who held the live Glock in their hands.

Under the barrel is located a 22 mm RIS / Picatinny mounting rail, which enables the attachment of a variety of accessories to the replica, such as tactical flashlights or laser sights. The replica, similarly to the original, features a practical safety in the trigger, plus an additional safety in the form of a switch under the barrel. The pistol features an ergonomic, comfortable grip with anti-slip texture.

The pistol, of course, features a Blow-Back system which via slide’s recoil imitates the experience of firing a real firearm with every shot. Similarly to the live firearm, once the last BB has been fired, the slide remains locked in the rear position. In order to gain access to the Hop-Up adjustment knob, it is necessary to remove the slide.

The replica comes with a metal magazine that stores a Green Gas container and up to 20 BBs.

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
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