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6,02 precision barrel - 469mm

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Specna Arms is a well-known brand on the airsoft market. In order to meet the expectations of customers, we introduce high quality internal parts as separate products. From now on pistons, cylinders, nozzles, gearbox skeletons and many more will be available for sale. This will allow you to get the maximum performance of the replica. Specna Arms is never left behind - it is constantly developing and improving its products to provide customers with optimal solutions on the airsoft field.

Precision inner barrel made of stainless steel , carefully finished, with an excellent crown. The diameter of the barrel is 6.02mm . It should be remembered that the 6.02 mm precision barrel replication requires high-quality balls . It has laser-marked manufacturer's markings.

Execution: stainless steel
Weight: 120g
Diameter: 6.02mm
Length: 469mm
Producent: Specna Arms
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