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FAST Magazine Holster Set for 5,56 magazines - foliage green

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Gaminio savybės

Execution: polymer
Capacity: 2 magazines
Weight: 180g
Kolor: foliage green
System: MOLLE
Producent: FMA

FAST pouches , made of strong polymeric material. Intended for magazines type 5.56, eg M4 / M16 and derivatives (STANAG). They do not have flaps, which makes it possible to quickly select the magazine , and at the same time they hold it firmly and do not allow accidental falling, even after assembly "upside down". This is ensured by the design of the pouch - it consists of two halves, tightly compressed with silicone gums.

The set includes two single pouches . It is possible to join them together or move them individually. They are suitable for mounting on any equipment with pails of the MOLLE modular system .
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