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Replica of FAST PJ G4 helmet system with face shield - Olive Green

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Version: plastic
Waga: 1175 g
Kolor: Olive Green
Size (head circumference): 57-61cm
Producent: Emerson

FAST helmets set a new quality for head protection. Both wearing comfort and versatility are the decisive features of this line.

The fa?ade is based on sponges whose positions we can change to perfectly match the helmet to the shape of the head. The 4-point suspension has an easy and quick adjustment method, and in addition it is a closed system, i.e. it has no loose, protruding straps. The adjustment range is increased by the rear module for adjusting the diameter of the faucet, using the knob. The elements of the fa?ade and suspension, which are the points of support and support, are covered with sweat absorbing material .

From the outside, the helmet has integrated assembly for night vision goggles . On both sides there are universal RIS rails in the standard 22mm enabling the assembly of any accessories such as lighting. A large part of the surface of the shell on the side and rear is occupied by Velcro, which can be used to assemble patches, identification elements or visible or infrared light markers.

The helmet's uniqueness is demonstrated by the modular mask , which we can easily remove if necessary. Disassembly is carried out by pressing the lock buttons on both sides of the helmet, which makes it possible to slide the mask off the special mounting rails. The cover has a high-quality vision lens made of durable, flexible plastic. Thanks to the use of a steel mesh covered with anti-corrosive laminate , excellent air permeability was achieved while maintaining high resistance to mechanical damage. Good air circulation, and the fact of fitting the glass panes at a proper distance from the face results in a practical lack of evaporation effect so onerous in the case of goggles.

The product is not ballistic protection of the eyes and using it for this purpose is not in accordance with the intended use!
For the use of the product to protect the eyes in games using ASG replicas and any associated health consequences of the user or damage to the property, the seller and the manufacturer do not bear any responsibility, and the product itself can not be advertised for that.
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