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A P226 Rail pistol replica

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Gaminio savybės

Recoil system "Blow-Back"
Version: Plastic + metal
Weight: 800g
Outlet speed: ~ 280 FPS
Magazine capacity: 25 balls
Length: 195mm
Drive: GreenGas
Producent: Tokyo Marui

A P226 Rail

P226 pistol replica from the legendary Tokyo Marui . Like most replicas of the TM short weapon, also presented P226 was made mostly of high quality plastic. Metal here is a magazine and small parts (inter alia lock lock). Both the skeleton and the pistol's zipper were made of plastic. The grip covered with non-slip texture will provide great comfort of use. Under the lock there is a RIS rail, 22 mm, 40mm long , which enables mounting additional accessories such as a flashlight or a laser sight.

The design of the replica allows you to shoot without the need to tighten the tap. Magazine with a capacity of 25 balls allows you to cast more shots. The replica is, as befits the Tokyo Marui replica, a high-quality zipper's work culture and accuracy.

The set includes:
- replica
- magazine
- a set of test balls

Name : A P226 Rail pistol replica
Producer : Tokyo Marui
Warranty : 6 months
Outlet speed [FPS] : 280
Drive / power supply : Gas drive - Green Gas
Fire mode : Single fire
Replica length [mm] : 195
Waga [g]: 800
Magazine type : Low-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs] : 25
Hop-Up: It's regulated
Blow Back: Is
Execution : Metal + plastic
Deliveries and news : Tokyo Marui
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