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Tornado Chronograph

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Material: Aluminium
Weight: 260 g (with batteries)
Colour: Silver
Measurements: 95 x 93 x 39 mm
Power Source: 3 x AAA
Manufacturer: Tornado

Tornado Chronograph

New Tornado chronograph allows for precise measurement of muzzle velocity of a fired BB. The device’s casing was made from aluminium, which makes the entirety light and durable at the same time. Low weight and compact size allows for taking the device in the field - for instance, for testing of a replica or airsoft firing. Chronograph features a standard photographic thread, which allows it to be mounted on a bipod.

Tornado chronograph features an integrated, clear LCD display, powered by 3 AAA batteries. The set includes also a removable intake shroud that allows for more comfortable and precise measurements.


- Precise measurement of BB’s muzzle velocity, rate of fire, and projectile energy
- LCD display
- Mountable on a bipod
- Aluminium casing
- Attachable measurement intake shroud
- Power Source: 3 x AAA

Measurement Range:

- muzzle velocity (FPS/meters per second): 50-2600 FPS and 15-800 MPS
- rate of fire (amount of BBs per minute/second): 0-3600 RPM and 0-60 RPS
- Projectile Energy: 0-500 J

Addicted to perfection - all creations sporting the Tornado™ trademark are made according to this motto. It is a constant, hard work in order to achieve the best quality products and offer them at a best price. Tornado™ offer meets players’ expectations head-on. Expectations of airsoft players that strive for perfection.
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