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PX4LITE 32bit Flight Controller naudotas

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Užsakymai pateikti iki 17h išsiunčiami tą pačią darbo dieną, dažniausiai pristatomi sekančią darbo dieną.
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• Advanced 32bit ARM CortexM4 high performance processor, can run NuttX RTOS real time operating system
• 8 PWM/servo output
• Support auto and manual mode
• Micro SD card records flight data
• Removal of non-common components SPKT/DSM, CAN, AUX OUT ports
• Independent IMU Inertia control unit, built-in damping structure, can effectively reduce the vibration of copter
• External extend module integrate RGB LED indicators, Safety switch, Beep buzzer and USB module, greatly reduce installation space
• All interface (includes GPS/Telem/Power) are compatible with APM2.5/2.6/2/8
Main control dimension: 63x44x17mm
Main control weight: 40g
External module dimension: 33.5x22.5x10mm
External module weight: 10g
32bit 2mb flash STM32F427Cortex M4
Frequency: 168MHz, 256K Ram
32bit STM32F103 backup assistant processor
LGD20 3-Axis 16bit gyroscope
LSM303D 3-Axis 14bit accelerator/ magnetometer
MPU6000 6-Axis accelerator/ magnetometer
MS5611 barometer
Futaba SBUS input & output
PPM signal input
PWM signal input
I2C interface x 2
Telem interface x 2
Power module interface
GPS interface
1 x PXLITE flight controller
1 x PXLITE external module
1 x Connect cable
1 x buzzer
*PX4/Pixhawk is an independent, open-source, open-hardware project aiming at providing a high-end autopilot to the academic, hobby and industrial communities (BSD licensed)
*The reference to APM refers to the ArduPilot project, a family of open source autopilots based on the Arduino open source computing platform, developed by 3DR and the open source community. It consists of a choice of ArduPilot Mega (APM) electronics and a range of free software versions for different vehicles and is governed by an open source creative commons license.
*Note: This is not an original Arduino brand product.
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