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Kontaktai: I-VII 7-21h

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Užsakymai pateikti darbo dienomis iki 17:00 pristatomi sekančią darbo dieną.

FPV, OSD, GPS > video tx/rx > TX/RX > 5.8ghz tx/rx   Atgal

Sky-S60 5.8GHz 600mW Long Range Wireless Transmitter with Built-In OSD

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Turime vietoje, pristatymas kurjeriu/paštomatu sekančią darbo dieną.


Užsakymai pateikti iki 17h išsiunčiami tą pačią darbo dieną, dažniausiai pristatomi sekančią darbo dieną.
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Gaminio savybės

• Built in OSD
• Displays satellite count, battery voltage, flight time, lat/long, altitude, horizontal distance, horizontal speed, flight mode
• Dual color dot-matrix OLED display
• High contrast and brightness
• Supply current and current indications
• 600mW of power
• Automatic video switching (NTSC/PAL)
• 2 OSD panels, 3 display modes (OSD panel 1 with artificial horizon, OSD panel 2 without artificial horizon, OSD off) switched with a remote channel
• Built-in 10 axis AHRS attitude detect which contains a 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyro, 3 axis digital compass, and barometric altimeter
• Supports GPS
• Supports all flight controllers
• Supports MAVLINK protocols
• Easy to use programming keys with on-board screen
• Easy to install
Supply Voltage: 6.5~28V
Transmission Power: 400mW@6.5V, 600mW@12V, 750mW@28V (test conditions 25°C on 5705MHz)
Antenna connector: SMA
Current Consumption: 0.4A@12V, 0.6A@28V
Temperature Range: -10°C~+80°C
Voltage Accuracy: ±0.05V@6.5V, ±0.1V@12V, ±0.5V@28V
Video Bandwidth: 5MHz@6.5V, 6MHz@12~28V
Impedance: 75?/Vp-p
Subcarrier: 6.5MHz
Audi Impedance: 4.7K?
Dimensions: 68 x 42 x 18mm
Weight: 43g

Band A: 5705/5685/5665/5645/5885/5905/5925/5945
Band B: 5733/5752/5771/5790/5809/5828/5847/5866
Band C: 5865/5845/5825/5805/5785/5765/5745/5725
Band D: 5740/5760/5780/5800/5820/5840/5860/5880
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