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Tarot Small electric retractable landing gear group TL65B44

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roduct Description:
TAROT 650/680/690 and other applicable sections of Quad / six-axis conversion (preset for all models of the same paragraph holes), landing directly into the receiver channel (Y cable) without electric tripod controller can be used. Reliable and durable exclusive motor performance. Currently this product is similar products, the highest level of integration products. Has an overall light weight, simple structure design, quick and easy installation, the advantages of small footprint.
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Small electric retractable landing gear group TL65B44
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Product Specifications:
?16MM carbon metal fittings × 1 (40 × 17 × 27MM) 10.8G
Small electric retractable landing control × 1 (66 × 22 × 24MM) 22G
Carbon positioning pieces × 1 (66 × 39 × 1.7MM) 6.3G
M3 × 6MM round head Allen screws × 2
Within M2 × 6MM flat head hex screws × 4
?16MM 3K folding tripod pure carbon nanotubes (185MM) TL68P06
?10MM 3K matte texture of pure carbon nanotubes (280MM) TL68B22
?16 folding tripod T-Block TL68B16
M10 metal silicone damping Seat TL68B10

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